"Hope u remember me. I m Malak's mum. Those who just moved back from London - UK.
First of all, I wanted to express how impressed I m with your overall system of schooling. I had heard a lot about it, but have never been in direct relation with it.

As a former graduate of… & also another very reputable boarding Hi-school in the USA, all what I can tell u is that the system is the same if not better in svrl aspects. Anyways, I m happy with my decision to enroll Malak at your fine school.

Now, not to keep you long, I contacted Ms. Alia's (Malak's teacher) to enquire about Malak's standard & I was so happy with her feedback. In brief she mentioned (in the comment book) that Malak is very polite, hard-working & a delight to teach. I also asked about Malak's grades or evaluation according to the last exams (those of Term 1) and she kindly mentioned that you are the person to contact for this matter.

Thank you for the bother & awaiting your kind reply."

DINA K. SOLIMAN - Testimonials

"Your school has a very impressive reputation that no one can deny and it is by no exaggeration the best school in Egypt, if not in the Middle East."

Impressive Reputation - Testimonials

"I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful 7th Annual Regional Tournament. that concluded today. Although I went there for a very short period of time, but it was enough to realize the amount of the tremendous effort put by all school staff members to make this tournament a big success.

I would like to share with you some of the comments that we heard from parents from other schools; the comments were about how successful the organization of the tournament was in terms of the timing & schedule, quality of service and support, information availability.
It was clear to everyone that a big financial investment was put into this tournament, that proves to everyone that the school cares for the students sports progress as well as the academic progress. They all were impressed with our school. The buildings, the fields, all this made us very proud that we are part of that school.

I thought it was my duty to high light and acknowledge the continuous efforts exerted by the school to bring health and fitness into our children lives.

This assure to us that we have entrusted our kids in safe hands that will safe and protect them and lead them towards being good people.

Many Thanks"

Fatma Moubarak & Mahmoud Arafa - Testimonials

The boundless support that floods our school and community as a whole, found everywhere and voluntarily, has allowed me to not only develop as a student but also mature as a person.

Malak Dessouki - Testimonials

In SABIS(R), we rise by lifting others and together we can achieve so much. SABIS(R) showed me that helping our community is an opportunity for us to grow as individuals and gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around us.

Jana Sweillam - Testimonials

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